Add the word “petit” to endless words is very Parisian. I cannot explain very well the meaning it acquires a word when you add petit, as it depends on the context and the person saying it.

Des Petits Hauts, a firm of Paris, created by sisters Katia and Vanessa Sanchez, who was born in 2000 around a simple idea: create tops and nothing but tops. Soft tops, comfortable tops, original tops, tops with romantic prints and tops with unique details. Today they have diversified their offer and in their stores spread throughout Paris, you may find other items like pants, skirts or dresses, but certainly the flagship product remains the tops in all its versions: soft jerseys with pompoms or rhinestones, shirts with details such as hearts or drawings, fleece jackets, American …

All its products are simple, simple and unpretentious, but always include a small detail that makes it special: its shape, its prints, warm colors … They are clothes that do not go out of fashion, with no expiration date. Like a fine wine remain perfect over the years and always needed to it to complete a good look.

The materials used are all natural (cotton, cashmere, silk or linen) and garments are 100% combined between them to create the usual style by layer from flowing silhouettes. A good top is the basis for a good look, take a ‘little whim’ and grab one!

vestido de mujer